Volunteer Refunds

Camp is 100% run by volunteers.  We Have Zero Paid Staff. In order to recognize the investment of time and effort of volunteers, Day Camp offers refunds to volunteers against the camp fees paid for their Scouts or Girl Unit Attendees. 

The following tables shows the Rebates against Scouts and Girls Unit Member registration fees when a parent or guardian volunteers for 2 or more days at the Day Camp.

The Rebates are expected to refunded within 15 days from the end of the camp.  Please ensure that each Adult Volunteer Registers at camp each day to be counted for rebate.

Roles and Refunds

Following table shows the Volunteer Roles and related Refunds. 

 Core Staff
  • 100% - first Child
  • 50% Second Child
 Volunteer Role 
  • Station Staff
  • Unit Leader
  • Camp Preparation Support
  • Unit Leaders

  • minimum 2 days
  • max $100/Child
 Camp Preparation Support
  1. Setup - Morning
  2. Setup - Evening
  3. Cleanup
  1. Half Day
  2. Half Day
  3. Full Day

Roles and Responsibilty
Following table shows as summary of Roles and Responsibilities for Adult Volunteers:
 Volunteer Role   Responsibility
 Core Staff  Leads stations or camp functions before and during camp, including: shooting sports, directors, station leads, and similar
 Unit Leader  Runs a unit of scouts for certain days inside camp
 Station Staff  Works in a station during camp, such as Crafts
 Camp Preparation Support  Helps with project prep, setup, or cleanup.  Not during camp hours.   Each preparation project will be assigned half or full day equivalents and will count as Volunteer Days.    
  1. Setup - Morning - Half day
  2. Setup - Evening - Half day
  3. Cleanup - One day.

How are Volunteer Days Calculated?