Camp Pack Coordinator (CPC)

Who is a Camp Pack Coordinator?
A Camp Pack Coordinator (CPC) is a liaison between the Camp Staff and the Pack. CPC’s Role is critical in assisting their Pack to be ready for the Camp.

The camp directors are here to help. We will be providing training to all the CPCs to be successful in their Role.  Our goal is to run an excellent camp and this is only possible if  the CPCs are successful in getting the packs ready to attend.

With over 1500 cub scouts in our district,  we cannot provide the best camp experience to the scouts without the role of the CPC. Please Help Us Help You. 

*** This year, for the first time we offering a Volunteering Rebate for CPCs towards the Registration costs of their Scout or Girl Unit member. 

Main Responsibilities
 Every Pack that has a registered camper/scout attending Day Camp will need to assign an adult volunteer that will take on the role as the Pack Camp Coordinator.

The Pack Camp Coordinator will report to the Camp Directors and the Registration/Forms Staff member. 

Critical responsibilities of CPC include: 
  • Communication between Pack and the Camp Staff. 
  • Assistance to Pack Scouts and Parents in Registration. 
  • Collection and delivery of Required Documentation for each Attendee. 
  • Communication of the importance of Adult Volunteers and recruitment of Adult Volunteers. 
  • Formation of Units

  • Camp Executive staff will send out critical information and announcements to the CPCs.  This information is expected to be disseminated to the Pack Parents immediately on receipt. 
  • Please feel free to forward any Clarifications or comments from your pack to the Camp Executive Staff.

  • The registration process, phases, timelines and Fees are documented at Registration.
  • Two steps of Registration, (Attendee information and the Payment) can be completed online. Required documentation for each attendee should be collected and filed into a pack binder.
  • Camp Registrar will send weekly Pack specific updates on Camp Attendees to CPC. This should help CPCs to collect the Required documents for each Attendee.

Volunteer Rebates
Please refer to the Rebates section complete information on Adult Volunteer Rebates and calculations.

Pack Binder
Please refer to the Required Documents before continuing. 

Pack binders contain the Documents Required by Each Attendee in a very specific order.  The Attendees or Volunteers will not be allowed to participate in the camp without submitting all the Required Documents.

The Binder will contain Medical Forms, along with other forms, governed by HIPAA Regulations. The Binder will be returned at the end of the camp or destroyed.  To minimize HIPAA audit scrutiny we ask only physical hard copies be maintained.  Avoid movement of the Medical documents in Electronic form. 

The Organization of the Pack Binder makes it easier for the Medic and Camp Staff not only to inspect the binder but also to quickly review a attendee's medical form in case of emergency. 

Binders will be inspected before being accepted by camp and must be organized as described below.

A Pack binder is created and managed by the CPC.   Each binder should be organized as follows.  

  • The binder will be a 3 ring binder and 6 standard separation tabs.
  • The Binder should be labeled with Pack number.
  • Use Tabs for Section 1-5.  
  • Sections 6-8 can be under one tab.  
  • Do not use plastic sleeves
  • Hole punch all forms and place directly into the binder.  
  • Please organize the names alphabetically.  
  • Also make sure each individual has a copy of the insurance card
  • Binder should be organized as follows:

1.    Section 1: Cub Scouts

a.     Medical Form

b.    Insurance Card Copy

2.    Section 2: Junior Helpers

a.     Medical Form

b.    Insurance Card Copy

3.    Section 3: Adult Volunteers

a.     Medical Form

b.    Insurance Card Copy

4.    Section 4: Tags

a.     Medical Form

b.    Insurance Card Copy

5.    Section 5: Girls Unit

a.     Medical Form

b.    Insurance Card Copy

6.    Section 6: Shooting Forms

a.     Scouts by Alpha

b.    Girls Unit by Alpha

c.     JR Helper by Alpha

7.    Section 7: JR Helper Behavior Forms

a.     By Alpha

8.    Section 8: YPT Forms

a.     By Alpha

NOTE: Medical Forms will be returned to the Pack at the end of Camp.  Shooting sports, YPT, and Behavior forms will be shredded.

Units and Volunteers

Packs are required to provide volunteers for camp.  Your camp fee pays for program, facilities and BSA support.  We have no paid staff.  Volunteers who work two or more days are eligible for a fee rebate.

We need the following covered in Camp:

1.     Stations: 15 adults per day, 20 on Friday.

a.     Not all Volunteers get to be with their Units.  Someone has to step up to help the whole camp.

                                               i.     First we try to give all 2 day volunteers one day with a unit and one day with a Station, if needed

                                             ii.     Second, we assign additional 1 day volunteers to fill holes in the Unit or Stations

                                            iii.    Parents who wish to be with their scouts should try to work 2 days

2.     Per Unit:

a.     1 Unit Leader:

                                               i.     First priority: all week

                                             ii.     Second Priority, M-W with a second for W-F.  Knowledge transfer on Weds

                                            iii.    No Unit leaders can work less than 3 days

b.     Assistant Leader

                                               i.     One per day.  Can be one day or more.

Packs must provide volunteers as follows:


Whole Unit

9-12 Scouts

2 Unit volunteers per day, One Station Volunteer per Day



Half Unit

6-8 Scouts

1 Unit volunteer per day, One Station volunteer for 3 days



Less Than Half:

Less than 6 Scouts

1 volunteer per day per scout


Each additional group of scouts over a Unit will be treated as needing additional volunteers per the above.  So one and a half units will be #1 and #2.


How do you get volunteers?

·      When you collect forms, ask “How are you making camp happen for our scouts?”  This is a chance to work with families.  Start with every family taking on a spot, and work backwards.

·      If we don’t have volunteers, your scouts cannot come to camp!

o   Priority is as follows:

§  Scouts who have parents who volunteer in camp

§  Scouts who have parents in leadership roles in the pack

§  Older scouts who have less opportunities to come to camp

§  Younger scouts

o   If we don’t have enough volunteers, we need to move scouts around to accommodate as many as possible.  Worst case, the whole pack may not be able to attend for the days with missing volunteers.  No Refunds.

o   We have rules on staffing ratios.  These are mandatory.

·      Scouts are our children.  It’s ok to take a day or two off and watch your kids grow.  This is about being a part of their lives, it’s not a chore, it’s a gift.

o   Remember the core staff have worked for months to volunteer to run this program, we’re asking for a few days.  Everyone gives to make camp amazing for our scouts

Unit Formation

1)    If your pack has 10-12 scouts only, you can form your own unit.

a.     or if you have a unit(s) and some extra scouts, You can form a unit(s) and for the extra scouts as follows:

2)    If you have half a unit, or less:

a.     Form a unit with another pack of your choice

b.     Let the directors help form your Unit

The camp prefers packs to form their own units.  As you have more knowledge on who to volunteer, what scouts best fit together, or what packs you prefer to work with.

If your pack needs help, we will try to best align packs based on volunteer coverage.  For LDS packs, we group them together first assuming the right number of scouts and volunteers.  Then we try to align packs by proximity to one another.

Unit formation takes 1-2 weeks.  Primarily due to the following challenges:

·      Lack of Volunteers

·      Limited communication from packs

The more volunteers we have covering needs, and the more packs communicate on preferences, the fast Units are formed.    

Meridian Daycamp,
Mar 13, 2016, 3:00 PM