Jr. Helpers

Jr. Helpers are boys and girls who are either in Boy Scouts or Venturing Crew.  

  • Must be 11 through 17 years of Age.
  • A Jr. Helper not registered with any Troop, should use 3005 for the Venturing Crew number during registration.
  • All Jr. Helpers are required to go through the necessary orientation and training for camp. 
  • The Jr. Helpers will be under the direct supervision of the Staff in charge of the Jr. Helpers during their participation in the camp.
  • ALL Jr. Helpers are required to read the "Jr. Helper Day Camp Behavior form" with an adult and sign it.  Turn in the form at the Jr. Helper training. (Date TDB)
Early Registration
Regular Registration
Late Registration
*Note* Refer to the Registration for timelines for Early, Regular and Late registrations.
 Camp Uniform
 A camp shirt will be provided on Monday to every Jr Helper that has registered according to the size that was chosen during the registration process. The camp shirt is the official uniform and must be worn everyday at camp, no exception.

*Note* Close-toed shoes are required at camp. No flip-flops, sandals, or Crocs. Any Jr Helper that arrives at camp without the proper footwear will not be able to participate in the Camp.
 Allergy and Medications

  • Parents registering a Jr Helper for the camp must note all the Medical restrictions, allergies and requirements in the Scout Health Records (medical forms A and B).  
  • Also, it is the responsibility of the Parent to additionally inform TAGS Station leader of these restrictions/allergies/requirements.   
  • The Jr Helper's medical health record (A & B) will be reviewed and listed by the Health Officer prior to the first day of camp.

*Note* All medications that Jr Helper brings to camp must be turned in at the Medical Station. Only epi-pens and asthma inhalers are allowed to stay with the Jr. Helpers themselves.
  Registration and Documentation
  • Refer to Registration Section for information on registering your Jr Helper.
  • Refer to Required Documents section for list of supporting document that MUST be provided through your Pack Coordinator to complete the registration.
  • No Refunds for partial attendance.
  • Any Refund only on Cancellation on Camp Director discretion.