Health Officer/Medic

NCS SQ-405

The Camp Health Officer/Medic will be available throughout the day during camp hours. The one time self-study Camp Health Officer's Training course has to be completed prior to the start of camp.
    *Camp Health Officer Training 2013 power-point below

Submit certification form of completions to Spencer Boyce.

NCS HS-507: Medical Recordkeeping and Reporting

All health-related interactions and incidents are promptly and appropriately recorded and reported.

1. Daily records of all first-aid and medical treatments (written in ink) are kept in the First Aid Log books, maintained separately for campers and for Staff members.
    *First Aid Log PDF below

2. All injuries, illnesses, and incidents requiring the intervention of a medical provider beyond basic Scout-rendered first aid are reported promptly following BSA guidelines.
    *Incident Information Report PDF below

NCS HS-508: Medication Control and Recordkeeping

All prescription and over-the-counter (OTC) medication are to be stored under lock (including those requiring refrigeration), except when in the controlled presence of health care staff or other adult leader responsible for administration and/or dispensing medications.
    *Routine Drug/Administration Record PDF below

    Exceptions: medication required to be carried by camper for life-threatening conditions.
        *Epinephrine injector (Epi-pen)
        *Heart medications

NCS HS-510: First Aid Kits

The camp will supply first-aid kits to all on-site program areas. All first-aid kits provided by the camp will have adequate supplies and equipment. All camp first-aid kits are kept in easily identifiable, accessible containers and locations.

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