Frequently Asked Questions


Can My 10 year old boy Register as Jr Helper?

Jr Helpers need to be Registered Boy Scouts. Jr Helpers assist the Camp Staff in various activities and expected to take responsibility and work during the camp. 

My daughter wants to join my CubScout at the camp. Can I register her?

If your daughter  is a registered Cub Scout, or if you or your spouse is volunteering at the Camp for a minimum of three days, she can register for camp.   

Cub Scout Day Camp is for Cub Scouts, Tiger or older (both boys and girls).  Additionally, we have a Girls Unit to accommodate daughters of our volunteers who are cub scout age, but are not members of a pack.  

I am Volunteering at the Camp and registered my daughter

If your daughter  is a registered Cub Scout or if you or your spouse is volunteering at the Camp for a minimum of three days, she can surely be welcome.   

Cub Scout Day Camp is for Cub Scouts, Tiger or older (both boys and girls), but we have traditionally had a Girls Unit, to accommodate daughters of our volunteers (who are invaluable to the running of the camp).

Is there any provision for pro rating scouts who attend less than a week?

Camp registration fees cannot be prorated to less than 5 days attendance at the Camp.

  1. Per Scout cost for the camp stays the same even if the scout comes less than 5 days. 
  2. Also, we do not have any way at the payment portal to calculate and pro-rated the fees.
  3. Logistically it is a nightmare to deal with scouts attending less than 5 days. Tracking the cases and the days would be very resource intensive.   Exceptions can be dealt with.
  4. Also, erratic attendance disrupts the activities.

My Pack does not have a Camp Pack Coordinator. What should I do?

See a Need, Fill a Need. Without a Camp Pack Coordinator, as you would be doing all the duties of a CPC anyway, we suggest that you would be the best candidate to step up to the position and help others in your pack. Also, a CPC gets 2 days worth of Adult Volunteer discount towards their Scout/Girl Unit attendee. 

How do I update information after providing the Participant Information?

Please refer to the Confirmation email you received after Enrollment. It should have a link that can take to a page that allows to change the Participant information. If the Link does not work please send an "Updated Link Request" to


Cancellation and Refunds

When would my Refund be processed?

Due to the enormous work we have before us preparing for Cub Scout Day Camp and the limited response we have received from adult volunteers for assistance we are short-staffed and will not be able to process any refunds or cancellations until AFTER day camp is done.

What do I do If need to cancel my Scout's (or Girl Units) enrollment to the camp?

Please send a "Cancellation Request" to, with the Scout/GirlUnit member and the payment details.  if you can attache the enrollment and Payment confirmation emails, that would make the cancellation review.