Drop-Off, Parking and Pick-up

For the safety of all campers and volunteers, and to respect neighbors and public use of the roads around Little Hills, please be aware of, and follow these general traffic procedures for parking, drop-off and pick-up of your campers.

For detailed instructions, specific to your role at camp, please review the "Parking Procedures" PDF below.  

Traffic Pattern

 General Instructions:
  1. Plan to carpool!  Access a Carpool Interest Form below, and work with others in your pack.   
  2. During high flow times, traffic into Little Hills is by right turn only.  Expect to drive past the welcome gate, make a U-turn at the end of the road, and head back towards the gate for the right turn entry.  
    1. Look to the parking/safety staff for directions.  
    2. Ensure that the the road is passable for non-camp traffic
    3. stay off of horse trails along the side of the road.
  3. Do not leave your vehicle unless you are told to do so.
  4. For drop-off or Pick-up, turn right into the Little Hills gate, stay to the right and proceed in a circular pattern around the cones.  
  • Daily volunteers will be directed to park in the visitor lot outside of the fence, backing in 2 or 3 deep.  If you need to leave early, ask to be on the front row.  Core staff, and station leaders will park in a designated area inside the Little Hills fence.

Drop-off Instructions:
  1. Wait to be waived into the parking lot.
  2. Please pull around the cones to the right.
  3. Scouts will be unloaded in the designated area only. Do not drive in the center circle unless directed to do so.
    • Dropping scouts off any other place may result in them being detained, placed back into the car, and asked to go back around the circle at the end of the line. This is for the safety of the scouts and staff.
  4. Please stay in your vehicle, the staff will help the scouts unload from the

  • If you are dropping off Food for the staff area, please have a scout bring the food with them or ask a staff member for assistance.
  • If you need to park and get out indicate to the staff and they will help you with temporary parking.

Pick-up Instructions:

  1. Remember your passes as it will be the fastest way to get through the Pickup process.
  2. The Units will come out and stand behind their unit sign.
  3.  Staff will come and collect your Pickup Passes from you, we check IDs.
  4. Staff will load the Scouts into the car for you and then waive you on.
  5. Do not drive unless directed to do so by staff.
  6. Please be patient and we will do our best to make the process move smoothly.

Forgotten your passes: 
  1. let the staff know.
  2. Staff will ask you to pull up and park.
  3. Staff will check your ID and validate you are authorized to do a pickup. This may require calling the parents.  We have to check the Camper Release to verify you are allowed to pick up the scout. 
  4. This takes extra time. 

Early-Release (Need to pickup your scout Early)
  1. Park inside the main lot to the left of the gate against the fence. 
  2. DO NOT park outside the fence on the Horse trail or within the pickup circle. 
  3. Walk into camp and go to the front tent.  Please bring you slip with you.
  4. Identify yourself to the staff. Let them know you are requesting an early pickup.
  5. Staff will need your ID and to validate against the camper release form
  6. DO NOT walk around camp by yourself. Staff will bring your camper to you. 

  1. The same procedures as above.
  2. Don't forget to collect the Pickup Slips from the parents! Otherwise you will be delayed as the Staff calls and verifies that you are allowed to pickup their scouts.
  3. Remember car seat safety for scouts 8 and under in California!