Cub Scout Day Camp is open to all registered cub scouts, both boys and girls*, of ranks  Tiger (1st grader) up to Webelos (5th grader), as of fall of 2018.  It is important to provide the correct rank when registering on-line so they may be grouped properly for activities (like soap carving and whittling stations).

In coming new Tigers (1st graders as of fall 2018) must have a parent registered to be with them at camp for the entire week.   A Tiger parent will be following and assisting their tiger thru all the activities and cannot be registered as a volunteer!

*For cub scout packs who are interested in registering Girl's under the recent changes under BSA.  Please reach out to Rand Mahoney the Meridian District Executive to confirm how to register girls for the 2018-19 scout year.

Early Registration
Regular Registration
Late Registration
*Note* Refer to the Registration for timelines for Early, Regular and Late registrations.
 Camp Uniform
 A camp shirt will be provided on Monday to every Scout that has registered according to the size that was chosen during the registration process. The camp shirt is the official uniform and must be worn everyday at camp, no exception.

*Note* Close-toed shoes are required at camp. No flip-flops, sandals, or Crocs. Any Scout that arrives at camp without the proper footwear will not be able to attend camp and the parent will be notified to bring the proper shoes. Only during swimming is the Scout allow not to wear shoes.
 Allergy and Medications
  • Parents or Guardians registering a Scout for the camp must note all the Medical restrictions, allergies and requirements in the Scout Health Records (medical forms A and B).  
  • Also, it is the responsibility of the Parent to additionally inform their Unit Leader of these restrictions/allergies/requirements.   
  • The Scout's medical health record (A & B) will be reviewed by the Health Officer prior to the first day of camp.
  • Any kind of allergies, whether food, animal or medication, will be listed in the Unit Leader's handbook for quick reference during the day.

*Note* All medications that your Scout brings to camp must be turned in at the Medical Station. Only epi-pens and asthma inhalers are allowed to stay with the Unit Leader.

  Registration and Documentation
  • Refer to Registration Section for information on registering your Cub Scout
  • Refer to Required Documents section for list of supporting document that MUST be provided through your Pack Coordinator to complete the registration.
Refunds will be provided for each Scout when a parent has volunteered for any activity before or during the week of camp. Amount to be refunded is to be determined at the end of camp based on the parent attendance and participation.