Required Documents

 Document Requirements Summary
  • The registration is not complete until all the mandatory documents are turned in.  
  • Participants will be restricted from shooting sports if the optional shooting sports permission documents are not turned in.
  • All related supporting documents must be provided to the Unit Coordinator by a specified date to avail any early Registration discounts.
  • Any individuals who have not turned in their completed forms will be placed on a waitlist, and could lose his/her chance to attend camp. 
Following table provides a quick summary of documents expected for each type of Camp Participant.
 Document Name  Cub Scouts  Girls Unit  Tags  Jr Helpers  Camp Staff  Adult Volunteers
 Annual Health and Medical Record Form          
 Medical Insurance            
Shooting Sports Permission Slips
 1    1    
 Youth Protection Training Certificate            
 Jr Helper Day Camp Behavior Form            
 Pick Up Slips      

 1 Optional.  Only provide the document if you want the child to participate in any of the shooting sports (BB Gun, Archery or Slingshots)
   Not Relevant

Please refer below for Detailed information on each type of document.
 Annual Health and Medical Record form (Form A and B only)
  • Provides Medical Status and and History of the attendee. 
  • Only Forms A and B are required.  Form C is NOT required.
  • For Children (Below 18 Years of Age), dates are required for all the immunizations that the person has received.
  • Adults only need their tetanus date for immunization. Tetanus is required and must be within 10 years. In case of exceptions the Immunization Exception Request Form (see below) needs to be filled. 
  • CA Law requires signature of BOTH Legal Guardians/parents on the medical form. (unless one parent has full custody of child)
  • Required for Every single person attending camp [Scouts, Adults, Tags, JR Helpers, Girls Unit, and Staff ].
  • To Satisfy HIPAA mandate, do not send this form Electronically. Provide Hard copies to your Pack Coordinator.
Note: Medical form is a Digital PDF.  It can be edited and filled easily, directly on a computer and printed. Form must be signed once printed.  Also, a Computer filled form is more legible than a hand filled form.  As this form is vital in case of emergencies, it is recommended that the form be filled on a computer, printed and then signed. 

Note: To satisfy HIPAA mandate DO NOT send these form electronically. 

This forms can be found at:
Immunization Exception Request
 Medical Insurance card
  •  Required for Every single person attending camp [Scouts, Adults, Tags, JR Helpers, Girls Unit, and Staff ].
  • A copy of the Front and the Back of the Insurance Card is required. (Ideally on one sheet of the paper).
  • To Satisfy HIPAA mandate, DO NOT send this form electronically.
 Shooting Sports Permission slip
  • Optional form for Scouts, Girl Unit members and Jr. Helpers.
  • Tags are NOT allowed to participate in shooting sports.
  • If you wish for your child to participate in Archery and/or BB guns, then the Shooting Sports Permission slip must be turned in.
  • This form MUST be signed by both parents. (Unless Please contact Camp Executive staff ( if you need exceptions.
This form can be found at:
Permission Form - Shooting Sports
 Youth Protection Training certificate (YPT)
  • Required for Every person older than 18 years of age, attending camp.
  • YPT certificate is obtained after taking an online course.
  • This certificate is valid for 2 years from the date of course completion.
  • Send your YPT certificate to Camp Executive Staff (
Further Instructions on obtaining YPT certificate:
  • Point your browser to "".
  • Create an account if you already do not have one.
  • Log in.
  • On the landing page Click on the "Youth Protection Begins with You" logo on the right.
  • If you already have a valid YPT certificate it will be shown as below. Click on the Printer icon to download an electronic copy of your YPT certificate

  • Otherwise, click on "Take Course" to take the course. At the completion of the course, you will be directed to this page.  Click on the Printer icon to download an electronic copy of your YPT certificate.

 Jr. Helper Camp Behavior form
  • Relevant for Jr Helpers only.
  • All Jr. Helpers registered for the camp will need to read the form with their parent, sign it and return it along with other forms to the Pack Co-ordinator.
This form can be found at: